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Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Our Food

What comes with each delivery?

Your delivery comes with all the raw ingredients you need to produce each meal, in exactly the right portions. All you need is salt, pepper and olive oil. Each meal is designed to be simple to prepare, well-balanced and healthy. Each meal comes with a simple to follow recipe card with step-by-step instructions

What sort of ingredients are in the recipes and where do they come from?

We provide a range of seasonal recipes with red meat, white meat, seafood and vegetarian meal options every week. We focus on only the highest quality raw ingredients, giving you the best produce possible

What equipment and ingredients do you assume I have at home?

For ingredients, all you need is salt, pepper and olive oil. For cooking equipment, all you need are standard pots, pans and knives

How long should it take to cook each dish?

Unless stated, our recipes are all 20 to 30 minute meals

How many calories are in each meal?

Each meal is designed to be both delicious and healthy. One serving is approximately 400-700 calories per person

How long will the food stay fresh for?

Our meals are designed to stay fresh for 4 - 7 days from the day of delivery. See best before date on each meal

Should I wash my vegetables before cooking with them?

Yes, we recommend that you wash all of your vegetables before cooking them. We include this information on each of our recipes

Are the packaging materials biodegradable?

Yes, where possible we've selected recyclable packaging and biodegradable materials so you can put them in your coloured rubbish bins

I have a serious food allergy, should I order?

We take great care to ensure that all of our recipes have clearly marked ingredients. Please check the ingredients to select those meals which are suitable for you and or your family to eat before you purchase


2. Our Delivery Service

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver across Greater Sydney and Canberra wide. 

When will my meals arrive?

We deliver three times per week. All meals are delivered before 7am across Sydney and before 12pm across Canberra. Our delivery days and online order close off times are:

Saturday: orders close midnight Wednesday
Monday (Sydney only): orders close midnight Wednesday
Wednesday: orders close midnight Sunday

If you miss a our online deadline, please call us to place your order (02) 8084 4486.

Will my food stay fresh during delivery?

Yes. All of our deliveries are made in refrigerated NSW Food Authority licensed vans. Your meals are also packed into a thermal cooler box with icepacks. 

What happens if I am not home?

No problem, if you will not be home when we delivery please just let us know where we can safely leave your meals. If you live in a secure apartment please provide instructions for how we can access the building when you place your order.

Will the delivery driver wake me up?

All meals are placed at your front door or the main entrance of apartment buildings. Our drivers will not ring door bells or call / text mobile phones, even if requested.

What do I do if my meals have not been delivered?

If you can not locate your cool box in the morning, we ask that you check all other possible access points to your house or building before contacting us. If you did not receive your delivery, please email before 8.00am for Sydney or 1.00pm for Canberra. Our team will provide an update on your delivery as soon as possible.

How much does delivery cost?

All of our weekly Recipe boxes include FREE delivery.

When you shop from the weekly menu we have a minimum spend of $50.

Delivery fees vary based on the value of your order.

$50 - $150 = $11 for delivery

$150 - $200 = $7.50 for delivery

$200+ = FREE delivery

Less than shopping with the major supermarkets!


3. Payment and Ordering Options

How do I pay?

Payment is made securely online by credit card through our third party gateway, eWay and our merchant provider, Commonwealth Bank of Australia. You can also pay via your PayPal account

How does it work?

We have two ways for you to shop online:

1: Choose a Weekly Recipe Box. We offer a 2 Person Recipe Box and a Family Recipe Box. Simply select the box that suits you best along with the number of dinners your would like to cook each week. For delivery, you select a day and time that suits you best and like magic your meals will arrive at your door each week on that same day and at that same time. All payments are processed automatically via our third party gateway so you never have to worry about ordering. There are no contracts or hidden fees.

You can pause or stop you payments and delivery via your account login 

2: Shop From The Menu. You choose meals just for that week. Select the meals you would like to cook, add these to your basket and choose the next delivery date and place that suits you

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via phone:
02 8084 4486

or email:

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